About Us

A Microsoft born in the cloud partner came into existence in 2014 as a result of the launch of Microsoft Office 365 in Kenya. In the dawn of its journey with the multinational technology giant, MPF mainly focused on boosting and improving the productivity of end customers in messaging and unified communication. The efforts resulted in transforming the end customers from using the traditional Microsoft business productivity stuck for messaging and communication and embracing the cloud versions. In the same year MPF was awarded Microsoft best cloud partner for the year 2014. 

In the year 2015, MPF saw the need to distinguish itself from the rest of Microsoft cloud partners in the region and decided to go a step further to boost end customers’ productivity by improving collaboration with Microsoft SharePoint online. The distinguished cloud partner focused on digitization and automation of workflows and processes of businesses.

Based on the trends impacting the Microsoft business in the region and technology as a whole, the Microsoft born in the cloud partner decided to embark in a new journey to build its new passion in innovation and owning intellectual properties to solve end customers problems in 2016. Today, MPF is a Fintech innovator that aims to improve the social wellbeing and care in Africa.

  • Vision statement - "To be Africa’s ultimate customer centric company; build a place where people and companies in the financial industry can find solutions to their problems through our different intellectual properties."

  • Goals/objectives - Our primary objective is to provide exceptional services and innovative products to our customers as solutions to solve their problems

Our Products

Here are some of our products.


Tumambongo is a money transfer application available on iOS and Android. The funds remitted originate from one’s debit or credit card. It allows one to key in the card details and converts them into a QR code. The QR code can be shared to the recipient in three ways: ...

1. Through Tumambongo application, the QR code of the sender will appear in the application of the recipient.

2. Through WhatsApp, the QR code of the sender will be converted into an alphanumerical code and sent to the WhatsApp number of the recipient.

3. Should the recipient have a feature phone, the QR code of the sender will be converted into an alphanumerical code then sent as an SMS to the phone number of the recipients


This is an automated KYC engine that aims at improving the customers’ on-boarding and service process of financial institutions. It automates the verification process of all the different customers. The verification ... instantly (Names, Date of birth, phone number, ID, CR12, CRB, AML, CPR Number, Directors’ names and phone numbers, PIN, Movable assets etc.). It is very beneficial as it eases and shortens the entire process hence saving time.


The online platform offers NIC Bank customers and non-customers a quicker and more efficient self-service process of requesting and receiving bid bonds among other financial securities. The launch of BeeDee endeavors to offer ... intuitive online system for trade financial securities by digitizing the process and therefore offering unparalleled value proposition to bidders including easy payment mode, all round the clock accessibility, convenience and safety.


SRETES is cloud based system which can be integrated to every single ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning System). It was conceptualized to revolutionize the retail industry in Africa ... . It created full visibility of the stock, sales, credits and deliveries and all information considered important in real time to all users of the system.

Our Services

Here are some of our services.


MPF is dedicated to providing business system to maximize profitability and net-worth of business people. Sometimes, the issue of imbalance in the bargaining power between the retailers and the supplier arise and causes a major challenge. MPF offers solution where the system is designed ... to manage all aspects of the business and scale alongside its growth – SRETES | Supplier & Retailer End to End Solution that works to deliver Key Business Outputs that reinforce Visibility between Supplier and Retailer, Real-time or Scheduled Settlement and Market Intelligence. SRETES, Cloud Based Application designed to integrate with Supply Chain ERPs solutions particularly at the Point-of-Sale/POS. The on-premise integration pushes data into the SRETES cloud where, both supplier and retailer have access to synthesised relevant data and information: Sale-Out & Market Potential Order Levels, Real-Time/Scheduled Supplier Settlement, Retail Market Intelligence.


Remittances being a normal concomitant of migration that boosts many people. Our mobile money transfer application allows the dispatch of funds to multiple users from a single point of interaction. Tumambogo is a product tailored to the unique needs of the individual client that can dispatch ... , track, change, and audit disbursement activities. With the traditional modes of remittances, the beneficiaries do not get any other value beyond withdrawing money from a branch. Tumambogo provides additional value to help the target population become financially empowered and independent. Based on their credit score earned through the frequency of money received funds can be advanced to them in forms of loans (through our bank partner)

Trade Finance

We understand the risks and complexities of getting a trade security in Kenya. The only two options available today in the market don’t only affect the bidders speed to response but also affects negatively and hinders growth in market share. Facing the reality of the market where bidders most of... the times are informed of a tender in the 11th hour, the above two options never succeeds to respond to such urgencies. Our trade solutions mitigate risks inherent in trade. Beedee is a web and mobile based application that allows registered users to request for bid bonds anywhere and anytime. Importantly, the requested bid bond is issued instantly to the bidders electronically where one can print in color then present it with the tender response. No bank account required, no float maintained. The customer verification is done by comparing keyed in bio data vis a vis information from Safaricom, M-PESA payment and IPRS. The company registration verification is done by comparing Keyed in company details, uploaded company documents with registered information in CR12.

360 degree Know Your Customers (KYC)

We provide a one-stop store for all required information an FSI player needs to know about customers in order to serve them. For a long time, the verification process has been done thus making it time consuming and tedious. Financial institutions ... can verify the identity of clients and assess their suitability, together with potential risks of illegal intentions towards the business relationship. 360 degree Know Your Customer eases the on-boarding process of customers and product issuance, thus saving on time and good customer management process.

Our Customers

Here are some of our customers.


NIC Bank


Old Mutual UAP


Alliance Française


Kenya Airways




Elizabeth Glaser
Pediatric Aids Foundation


Somali Stability Fund



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The Team

Here are some of our team members.


Moses Nzioki



Joffry Kimpiatu

Chief Executive Officer


Timothy Radier

Chief Technology Officer


Stephanie Wambaire

Head Of Projects


Gladys Mueni

Head Of Finance